The Sound of Listening

One of my favourite sounds is the silence that settles over an assembly of children collectively listening to a great story. Yesterday as I told a story from Japan, the air filled with expectation, concentration and determination as 300 children listened to the adventures of a young boy entering a haunted monastery, armed only with a paintbrush and his creativity.

The imagination is an amazing thing to behold in faces of children. Yesterday, during the two assemblies I held in a school of over 600 students, I got to witness that expression on hundreds of adorable faces.
In the story, The Little Boy Who Loved to Paint Cats, a young artist falls asleep in a haunted monastery after painting hundreds of cats on the walls in a big room. He is awakened in the night by scary sounds coming from the room covered in cats. As I told this story, I saw what the expression of the little boy in the story must have looked like when he heard the scary noises, in the faces of every child sitting in the school gym.
Thanks for listening.
Cheryl Thornton

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