The Calming Effect of Stories

For the past 4 weeks,  I’ve been telling stories on Wednesdays to two groups of 3 to 5 year olds.  It’s been richly rewarding watching them learn how to listen!

The first week we met was somewhat chaotic with frequent outbursts of complaints of being ‘squished’ or ‘pushed’ or not being able to see because ‘so-and-so is sitting in front of me!’  But I have a secret solution that solves all this and his name is Hercules!

Each week, I tell one of the labours of Hercules.  This running serial installation of the Greek myth keeps both groups looking forward to what labour King  Eurystheus will give our hero next.  Before each telling, I ask the children to list the previous labours.  It is more than charming hearing a 4 year old say; “Hercules’ second labor was to slay the nine headed Lernean Hydra!”  They easily remember because the stories are so engaging, believable and unforgettable.

Happy storytelling!

Cheryl Thornton


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