Cover Your Eyes When Imagining a Ghost!

Today, my audiences of 4 and 5 year olds were filled with Ninjas, Spidermen, Sleeping Beauties  and Cinderellas.   Halloween was made for this preciously imaginative age group!

As I told two ghost-themed stories, The Teeny Tiny Woman and The Boy Who Spent the Night in a Haunted House, I noticed a couple of children covering their eyes during the suspenseful parts!  There was of course, nothing scary to see in the physical world, except for me sitting awkwardly on a tiny child size chair.  The children were attempting to cover their mind’s eyes for protection.  I have seen this a few times before, and it is usually a cue for me to lighten up on the suspense.

After listening to our two ghost stories, we filled the room with peels of laughter with some good old fashioned bathroom humour while listening to Hercules’ fifth labour about cleaning the poop out of the Augean stables!

All in all, it was a good day of telling ghost and poop stories to very appreciative listeners!

Happy Storytelling!

Cheryl Thornton

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