Passports to Multicultural Literacy

Last Friday at Trelawny PS in Mississauga, I launched our new storytelling campaign, Passports to Multicultural Literacy.   We are now connecting my live storytelling and drama school performances with our online storytelling program, Storyvalues Interactive.  This ‘blended learning’ approach will not only help students and teachers in the classroom, but can connect parents to school events as well.

After my storytelling assemblies at Trelawny on Friday, I told the students that I’d be giving them special Storyvalues Passports to take home and use with their parents.  The passport gives families the Storyvalues Interactive-Home web address so children and parents can listen to and read multicultural folktales together, then explore the cultures, art and music related to each story.  The Storyvalues Passports encourage children to Travel the World  through stories!

Janet Chilibeck, an amazing Peel District grade 3 teacher just sent an email telling me that,  “… her class was so thrilled with their Storyvalues Passports, that they tucked them carefully into their agendas in order to get them home safely!”  How exciting!

Happy Storytelling!

Cheryl Thornton

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