Dear Presenter

Apology2This morning, as I was doing some long over due cleaning in my office, I came across a hand written note from a grade 3 student named Cole, from February and wondered if I should keep it or toss it.

In his note Cole wrote, “Dear Presenter,  I am sorry for my rude, disrispective behaveur.  It was inipoprieit.  I am sorry if you saw my rude behaveur.   I am also sorry if I offended you.  Sicerly, Cole”

Cole hand delivered the note while I was packing up in the gym and I got the distinct impression that this wasn’t the first time he had penned such a letter.  As he handed the paper to me, I asked, “What is this?”  “I got in trouble and my teacher made me write to you,”  he answered cheerfully.

After I read his confession and apology, we had a great chat.  He said he really liked the story I told about the hungry goddess who broke in half and was recycled, but his favourite assembly from forever, was when he was in grade 1 and they turned off all the gym lights and had a black light show.  Cole suggested I add black lights to my assembly.   I thanked him and told him I always welcome helpful feedback.

I think I’ll keep the note.

Happy Storytelling!

Cheryl Thornton

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