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Still Talking

Continuing with the big office clean-up, I found another note, this one I wrote to remind myself of a story told to me by a teacher.  Here’s the story:

Back in January, as I set up for an assembly, one of the teachers at the school came up to me and told me that her 7 year old son played the role of the half chicken in a story I told during a family literacy night three years ago.  “He was 4 at the time,” she said, “and extremely shy.  He’s still shy.  His dad and I were amazed that he volunteered to act in the story and were even more astonished by the fact that he actually spoke his part so well.  That was three years ago and my son still talks about it from time to time, saying, “Remember when I was the half a chicken?”

As a traveling storyteller, visiting different schools every day, I rarely hear the long term effects the stories I tell have on listeners, but when I do, it’s most certainly noteworthy.

Happy Storytelling!

Cheryl Thornton

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