For the past 20 years, I’ve been telling folk tales, fairy tales, myths, legends, fables in schools, churches, synagogues and conference halls.  The traditional tales I have the pleasure of telling are dynamic, engaging and timely.  Students as young as two and as old as 18, listen with rapt attention.  I never grow tired of telling the stories and seeing the impact these amazing pieces of oral tradition have on listeners.

In some of the stories, I invite students to help dramatize the stories as I tell them.  This adds another dimension to the storytelling experience.  Kids delight in ‘stepping into’ a story from long ago and far away and they never forget the experience or the story.

In 2007, Matthew Giffin and I started Storyvalues, an online storytelling and character education resource that has now grown and developed into an interactive program that allows schools and families to explore the stories as well as the story’s culture of origin.  http://www.storyvalues.com

We are thrilled that Storyvalues is being used by the 500 Toronto District elementary schools and schools throughout Canada and Australia.

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